Welcome to our community!

UMB Health was founded with one mission: to create a space where health and wellness can be achieved.

Your health is a direct result of your environment and your everyday choices. Creating positive lifestyle habits includes getting adequate sleep, exercise, and nutrition, eliminating toxins, managing stress, and establishing and maintaining strong, supportive relationships. All of this is vitally important for your personal, financial and relational success.
Everyone wants to be healthy, but research shows we need the encouragement, knowledge and support of a strong community to stay motivated and find balance.
 That’s why UMB Health is here. UMB stands for UPLIFTED, MOTIVATED, and BALANCED!


UMB Health’s proven health formula:

Uplifted + Motivated + BalancedHealthy!


Can you imagine how different your life could be with just a little support and motivation from caring, positive-minded people? Come be a part of the UMB experience! Be a part of our support community and achieve your goals step by step for a healthier you. Come share, learn, inspire and be inspired.   

UMB’s 5 core principles 

1. Be yourself
2. Stay positive
3. No judgment
4. Be proactive
5. Support and inspire others

If you are ready to start your journey to a healthier you, we want to meet you! 

You deserve to be healthy, and we know that well-being comes from well-doing, which is the next step for you to feel great and be great. 

Every journey starts with a first step. Make yours today by joining the UMB Health Community.