Dr. Yuriy Ilkovych

Dr. Yuriy Ilkovych is a seasoned primary care physician and hospital medicine specialist with over 13 years of experience delivering exemplary care to thousands of patients in diverse medical settings, from outpatient offices to intensive care units. 

In addition to his medical qualifications, Dr. Yuriy Ilkovych is a certified life coach, having completed training at Robins Madanes Training, Institute for Functional Medicine Training, and holds a certification from the Physician Coaching Academy. These certifications reflect his commitment to supporting individuals in achieving their full potential and overcoming challenges in both their personal and professional lives.

Beyond his clinical expertise, Dr. Ilkovych is a dedicated entrepreneur in the healthcare field. He is a former primary care clinic and medical spa owner, providing cutting-edge wellness and aesthetic services.

Dr. Ilkovych runs a virtual wellness coaching and consulting practice, leveraging his extensive medical knowledge to guide individuals toward achieving holistic well-being. Through personalized coaching, he empowers individuals to overcome challenges, embrace positive lifestyle changes, and cultivate resilience in the face of life's obstacles.

Moreover, Dr. Ilkovych founded a cutting-edge startup that aims to streamline communication between healthcare providers. 

As a full-time hospitalist at Virtua Voorhees Hospital in New Jersey, Dr. Ilkovych understands the challenges and complexities of the healthcare system, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. His firsthand experiences have ignited a deep-rooted desire to advocate for physician well-being, recognizing that the well-being of healthcare providers is inseparably linked to exceptional patient care and the success of Healthcare Organizations.

Having personally navigated the challenges of burnout, Dr. Ilkovych founded UMB Health with a steadfast vision to support physician well-being and cultivate a culture of wellness within healthcare organizations. His mission is to empower physicians with the resources and support needed to thrive in their professional roles, and lead fulfilling personal lives.

He is a big believer that by fostering a culture of well-being, healthcare organizations can achieve exceptional patient care outcomes and create a nurturing environment for their healthcare providers.